Break The Ice

An international youth organization working towards discussing all things taboo and changing the world one taboo at a time.

About Us

Who we are?

Break.The.Ice is an International, student-led, Non-Profit organization formed with the aim of creating an enlightened youth community and building an open and aware community of young changemakers. We are a group of students, trying to take action for issues which persist in the world and society with an aim of promoting open dialogue and discussion about all things taboo and a hope to reach myriads of individuals and providing them a platform to pause, introspect and ultimately recharge

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what makes us different?

Our Aim

Our basic aim is to create an enlightened and aware youth community so that the country’s future leaders, entrepreneurs and even housemakers never fail to educate their children and the next generation as well! We believe working towards open dialogue and discussion can ensure that an aware and enlightened youth community can be created! By creating awareness and taking action, we aim to change the world around us, in small, gradual steps. We are an organization created by the youth, for the youth.

Our Model

Our aim is in alignment with the SDG 4 (i.e., providing quality education to all), with a slight deviation from the basic, conventional meaning of this SDG, the organization bases its claim on ensuring every individual is enlightened and educated about each and every topic which needs to be changed

What We Do

- Organize events to create awareness and inspire the youth to take action.
- Conduct webinars and conferences to ensure Gen Z is aware and enlightened.
- Social media content to ensure our aim and motive reaches thousands and actually creates a ripple effect of impact.
- Create interactive blogs to talk about issues which are the need of the hour.

Our Impact

- Reached 15,000+ people through social media.
- Team of 35+ young changemakers.
- 800+Instagram followers.
- In more than 5+ countries

Member Organizations With...


We are a UN SDSN Youth member organization. SDSN Youth was launched in 2015 by Professor Sachs - at the 5th meeting of the SDSN Leadership Council in Paris. SDSN Youth is the world’s largest network of young leaders working together to accelerate solutions towards the Sustainable Development Goals.

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United People Global

We are a member organization with United People Global. United People Global (UPG) is a community that encourages and enables people to make the world a better place.

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Global Millennial Group or commonly known as GM Group is an international startup company focus to strive for quality education by providing various informal education activities and self-development platforms.

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The Creative Zine

The Creative Zine is an independent, non-profit arts organization dedicated to empowering voices from all communities, aiming for social inclusion.

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Teen Chapter

Teen Chapter is an organization that focuses on featuring Teen Startups, Youth led Organizations and Teen Entrepreneurs. We strive to create a platform for all Teenagers aspiring to be Entrepreneurs and future leaders.


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