19th June, 2022

Are you a feminist ?!

Overheard someone saying that " if you fight against men on the subject of pay, opportunities or rights you're a feminist !!" What I understood from this is that the real definition of feminism has gone too wrong. Society has created misconceptions about feminist women and has changed the whole perception towards the feminism.

3rd Feb, 2022

Stress in different age groups

When you read the word “stress”, what comes to your mind? I mean I think it is obvious that a taxing or difficult affair has just crossed your mind. It could be an assignment due this week, it could be a job interview or something as simple as meeting new people. The point is that contrary to popular belief, stress is not limited to any age, it begins with children or as we now refer to them the Gen-Z and goes up to the elderly or well the boomers.!

3rd Feb, 2022

Post Pandemic Stress

What if the pandemic affected more than our physical health? What if the reason we are physically healthy is the same reason we are mentally unhealthy? What if taking care of our body drained our mind? A lot of us have been feeling tired recently, feeling constantly drained for seemingly no apparent reason at all, but what if there was a cause for this sudden loss of energy?

3rd Feb, 2022


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